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Call 888.575.5597 or CLICK HERE for information on advertising at Kailua Cinemas

Kailua Cinemas is proud to offer local businesses and charities the opportunity to advertise on our screens at an affordable price. We offer full Audio and Video ads shown in High Definition.

Large Captive Audience - Moviegoers prefer watching commercials on the screen than nothing at all. Our theaters continue to grow quickly thanks to our amazing customers and local communities.
Affordable - Our prices are guaranteed to be more affordable than the going rates of the industry. We have multiple options available to suit businesses of all sizes.
Maximum Impressions - Your ad is guaranteed to run at least 2x before EVERY movie on EVERY screen.
Additional advertising methods are also available from the lobby, movie posters, concessions, social media, newsletter and more!
Make a big impression to potential customers by placing a still or video ad on the big screen today

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